Why Travel is Good for Your Mental Health

There are so many advantages to travelling. It’s a great way to grow in confidence and independence. You’ll learn more about yourself and who you are, as well as about other cultures and ways of life. Travelling can help you to become more responsible and offers you an easy way to experience many different things. Of course, it’s also great fun, and an excellent way to take a break from your real life. Another positive of travel is that it can boost your health and fitness. You’ll try new foods, get more exercise, and push your body. 


But travelling can also be great for your mental health! Yes, travel can be stressful in some ways. Very few people enjoy the airport, and carrying luggage around is never fun. But, in many other ways, travelling can be great for your mental health…




You’ll Meet New People

Meeting new people can be great for your mental health. As adults, it can be hard to make new friends. You might see the same people day to day, and have very little time for people that you love. It’s all too common to drift apart from even close friends when we’re busy. This can leave us feeling isolated and lonely. 


When we travel, we meet people in the same situation. We bond quickly with other travellers, but also with local people that are keen to show us their ways of life and share their culture. 


You’ll Escape Stresses

Modern life is stressful. We’re on the go all of the time, we rarely get time to rest, and most people admit to feeling stressed out at least some of the time. Travelling can be a great escape, helping you to unwind and reduce tension. 


Travel Can Give You Time to Think

If you’ve struggled with addiction or other serious issues, you might have spent time in recovery or detox. ANA Treatment Centre specialise in rehabilitation, which can be a great way to confront and move on from your problems, but often people find adjusting to normal life a struggle afterwards. Travel can give you time. 


When you travel, you can spend time exploring, embracing gorgeous scenery and quieter areas. You can take time out to simply think. This can be useful whether you are coming out of recover, or just feeling a little stressed out. 


Gain Perspective

Seeing more of the world, and getting to know people with very different ways of life can make you feel rather small. This can help you to put your own worries into perspective, and perhaps even help you to spot solutions to problems. 


It’s a Chance to Reinvent Yourself

We’re not always happy with who we are. You might not like yourself, or you might be unhappy with how you present yourself. You might be keen for a new look, or some new traits, but it’s hard when we’re around the same people all of the time. Going away gives you a chance to change. 


It’s Good to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Our day to day lives can be quite routine. This can be boring and give our minds a chance to overthink. Travelling pushes you out of your comfort zone. It gives you a challenge and something to focus on, which can be a significant mental health boost. 

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