Why Exercise is Just as Important for Your Mental Health

We all understand how important it is to keep active for our health, but keeping active is just as important for your mental health as it is your physical health. Helping with things such as depression, anxiety and stress.

There are so many mental benefits to exercise, the main one being helping to relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Exercise helps with depression due to the chemical changes in your brain during your workout it, endorphins are released which lift your spirits making you feel happier. It can also act as a distraction preventing you from falling into deeper negative thoughts.

Concentrating on how your body is moving and how you are completing each exercise can act as a distraction from constant worries. Yoga is particularly helpful with anxiety if you can give it a chance, even for a few minutes a day along with practicing mindfulness. Yoga helps you to concentrate on you and your body, to forget the worries around you and be grateful for the small happiness’s in life. Your body naturally feels calmer afterwards and less tense.

Even a long walk, alone, or with a friend if you’d prefer to be around nature.

Never push yourself with something you feel uncomfortable as this will only cause you to associate bad feelings and not want to try again.

When you’re experiencing these awful symptoms it can be difficult to persuade yourself to exercise and if you don’t feel up to entering a gym full of people there are lots you can do at home. A jog if you’d like to be outdoors or with the help of a yoga mat and even yoga ball you can enjoy various exercises to the level you feel up to.





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