What I learnt from 2016


As the year comes to an end it’s a time to reflect on the year, I like to do this in a positive way, everything I have achieved, what I’m thankful for from this year but also what I can take from this year and improve myself.

Be Yourself – I’m one of those people that seems to struggle with this, I want to be how other people want me to but this is never going to make you happy. Also, you can never please everyone so you should please yourself! If people like you great, if not they probably never would no matter how you were so don’t bother changing or worrying.


Happiness doesn’t come from materialistic possessions – This is something I’ve always known but still tried to find happiness from buying things. Now I’m not saying they don’t make me happy, I love new clothes, make up etc. you just shouldn’t keep buying things like this to keep you happy. Happiness needs to come from within and no matter how many amazing pairs of shoes or handbags you own this is never going to make you properly happy.


When to keep quiet – Sometimes words aren’t needed, I’ve always worried people will think that I don’t like them or aren’t interested if I don’t constantly respond to what they are saying and end up babbling nonsense probably annoying them more. People don’t expect you to constantly talk. And remember actions speak louder than words.


The only person that will ever hold me back is me – I’m a very determined and driven person and most of the time I believe I can achieve anything I put my mind to. But for a while I started to think that there were things I just couldn’t do, that it would never happen. There is no real pattern with people who succeed their dreams, only the determination that each one of them have to go out and get what they want. The only person telling you that you can’t is you.

Experimenting is good – Whether it be clothes fashion whatever, don’t be afraid to create your own style.


You don’t have to be perfect, and don’t be afraid to make mistakes – Maybe I thought people wouldn’t like me if I wasn’t perfect or that nothing I did would be good enough but it’s tiring constantly trying to be perfect. Especially when it’s just not possible, it’s hard to admit. But I guess we are our own versions of perfect, the quirks and small things that make us, us. Happiness is perfection.We should always try to improve ourselves and complete anything to the best of our abilities but sometimes we can be too hard on ourselves judge ourselves harsher than anyone else would.


It really doesn’t matter what other people think – You are never going to make everyone happy so at least make yourself happy. Everyone has very different opinions on everything there is to discuss, most of the time there is no right or wrong answer and while I try to stay out of anything like this it makes me reflect on myself. What do people like or dislike about this person/idea/place etc and why. I’ve though maybe I should be a little more or a little less like that and this person will like me, and while that may be true others still won’t and it wouldn’t be nice living a life that you can’t be you in.


And to quote Nike, Just Do It! There are several times I can think of where I haven’t done something because I thought it wouldn’t be good enough. I’m the type of person who will always push myself to do things when I am a little uncomfortable however when it comes to publishing things online I never feel my content will be good enough, there are so many AMAZING bloggers with the most beautiful content I think nobody would ever be interested in anything I have to say or post. But I’ve been surprised when I get a reaction to content I’ve posted, especially when it’s a post that I didn’t think would generate much interest. The only way I will ever improve is to do and to learn, from mistakes or accomplishments – the same with anything. I’d hate to be an old lady thinking of all the opportunities and moments I missed out on because I was too scared. The unknown is a scary thing but you never know it could be the best thing to ever happen, you’ll never know without trying and what’s the worse that could happen?

Don’t look for the ‘right’ time, there is no right time!





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