Uses for monthly subscription boxes

If you receive a subscription box every month, and tend to hoard pretty things, you might end up with a collection of beautiful boxes you don’t want to part with… but have no idea how to use. I have a couple and so far have managed to make some use of them. I changed this Birchbox into a marble pen storage box with little effort, and the clean look sits well with the overall white tones of my desk area.

I cut enough of the marble film to comfortably cover the box while leaving plenty excess for mistakes. As I slowly peeled the backing from the film I placed the box in the centre and stuck it flat to the base and the two longest sides. Using a small pair of scissors I cut downwards to the corner of the box and trimmed the edges so that around 1cm of the film would fold over while keeping the part around the finger notch longer. This part was cut down the middle and at the two edges and then folded over and stuck down. Next, for the two shorter sides, I cut towards the bottom corner and tucked the excess from the longer lengths across the shorter sides to keep it securely in place. I then pulled over the short length and again trimmed it down to have roughly a 1cm folded over edge.

For the main part of the box which the box previously completed slides into, I again cut more than enough film to ensure it would be properly covered. Due to the film being stored in a roll it’s easy to allow it to re-wrap on itself once you remove the backing, to avoid this remove it slowly while sticking it to the box that you are covering. After the main body was covered I cut the lengths down to be more manageable, I cut in at all four corners of the open end and folded over a 1cm edge inside the box. Moving on to the two smallest sides I cut inwards at the bottom corners, first folding one side over, followed by the bottom piece and the overall side which would be on show. To keep this side looking neatest I trimmed it down with a paper cutting knife.

The ombre blue to pink palm tree design on this box was beautiful by itself but didn’t match the decor of my desk so well, which is why I added a marble effect finish to create a completely different looking item while keeping the practical use. You can use any self-adhesive film to change the look of your old subscription box and can be so much more adventurous with the design. With so many different storage options you can store various small items neatly away.



Have you found any uses for your old subscription boxes?

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