Tips For Making Long Distance Work – His & Hers Views

Missing someone who lives anything less than a short drive away can be an awful feeling. It gets easier to deal with but being away from people you love is difficult.

  1. Trust. Being away from someone for long lengths of time requires trust, something that some couples don’t think of but other people may find difficult.
  2. Put in the effort. Let each other know that you are thinking of them, sending small meaningful texts or even gifts can be a lovely gesture. Make time to see each other where you can.
  3. Spend time together when you can. Real-time together, don’t waste time on phones or other silly things. Do things you enjoy together.
  4. Talk even when you aren’t together. Phonecalls, skype sessions and texts can make it feel like you aren’t quite so far away sometimes, especially when you see their face.
  5. Be open & honest about how you feel. If you feel worried, sad or any other emotion it’s usually best to talk to them about it rather than bottle it up as this usually makes your mind wander more and can make things worse or generate problems from nothing.
  6. Share your life with them. Discuss your days, learning how they have spent their time can make you feel closer, like, you know more about their day and you can picture the things they talk about happening.
  7. Understand. Events may arise where only one of you can go, be happy for them, let them enjoy themselves and never take it as an insult. Remember that you are important to each other and you will see them again soon.


I asked Kieran to add his point of view and he agreed with one key point to add!

  1. Prioritise them. Its too easy for something else to crop up, drinks after work, you’re tired, pressure from others to stay for this event or that event, but you have to ask yourself what is most important. 99% of the time it should be to see your partner. There will always be the odd exception, like birthdays and important celebrations, but long distance only works if you put in the time and effort. Show you care and help them as much as possible! Never blame them and hold yourself accountable to make it as easy as possible.


                                 Me                                                                         Kieran

                       Coat – Ted Baker (Sold Out)                                              Coat – Ted Baker

                                     Scarf – Barbour (Sold Out)                                           Scarf – Barbour (Sold out)

                                               Bracelet – Thomas Sabo


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