Thorpe Park Hotel Spa Weekend


To celebrate my mum’s birthday we indulged in a spa weekend at Thorpe Park Hotel with an overnight stay, along with some shopping at Leeds Trinity.


Thorpe Park Hotel & Spa is a short drive to Leeds City Centre. There is a large restaurant area where breakfast and evening meals take place, with dividers and sections within the area there’s a strong feeling of privacy to each table or section. There’s also a smaller conservatory style room which looked perfect for afternoon tea. With a glass roof, the sun lit up the room beautifully. Comfortable sofas lined the edges of the room with a coffee table nearby to hold your drinks. A wooden counter held treats in the form of cakes and pastries, which all looked very appetising.

The pool area is brightly lit with natural daylight giving the whole room an energetic feel, surrounding the pool is a spa pool where French doors sit close by leading outside to loungers. Flowers outline the chairs and with the beautiful weather, this area looked more like an abroad holiday destination than the UK.


Everyone was very helpful with my dietary requirements and made it very easy for me to enjoy usual foods gluten and dairy free without feeling like I was missing out.


Evening meal (Gluten and Dairy free)

Smoked Salmon Starter. Unfortunately, I didn’t take a photo of this before it was gone, but it tasted amazing!

Beef burger with fries & BBQ sauce. So tasty and great being able to have it between bread, even if it was sliced.

Poached Peach with Raspberry Sorbet. Refreshing and a nice change from having sorbet alone.


The far right image was the dessert my mum enjoyed, unfortunately not gluten or dairy free but looks cute and delicious!

For breakfast the next day there were so many options, I started with a fruit salad and was able to have some gluten-free toast with dairy free butter alongside the English breakfast I opted for.


This hotel is perfect for anyone: families, couples, friends. The situation of the Hotel is great for people who like to go out and take part in fun activities and enjoy the busy city of Leeds or if you’d like a quiet weekend away from all that there’s plenty to do and enjoy within the hotel.


We both opted for the NATURA BISSE Carboxi-Express Chemical peel but at the spa were advised this wouldn’t be suitable due to sensitive skin. Instead, we were recommended an ESPA facial. Various sweet smelling products were applied to my face, a selection of different scents were presented to me to pick the ones I liked the most. During the facial I felt so calm I could have drifted off to sleep, especially after the head massage, similar slightly oily products were used creating the ultimate relaxing feel. My skin felt so fresh and pampered afterwards I didn’t want to put make up on for the rest of the day. The products used on my face were:


Our room was the perfect size for my mum and I with a large rectangular window brightening it with the gorgeous sun we had that weekend. Within the room, there was a  step down section where a desk and chair sat, this mainly housed our sweets and popcorn for the weekend. But this was a beautiful space to relax at the corner desk to catch up on emails. There was also a coffee table and sofa, perfect for a chat and chill out over a herbal tea. Plus the bed was insanely crazy with the kind of pillows you sink into and never want to leave.


Shortly after arriving, and after a tour of the hotel, we headed to the gym. Surrounded by a small and tidy garden the gym felt very relaxing, this was by far one of my most productive gym sessions. Although the gym was fairly small it had everything needed. Following this, we visited the jacuzzi which I’m sure had an effect on my muscles not aching the next day! After several laps across the pool, we noticed how picturesque the outside lounge area looked. Doors lead from the pool to a lounge area which was perfectly lit up by the sun. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to sit outside, as we needed to rush off to get ready for our evening meal. After a quick shower, change and make up we headed to the restaurant.

Other spa facilities:

  • Steam room
  • Sauna


Since I’m trying to be super careful with money, I resisted, however, these items may have now made their way onto my wishlist…

The ESPA balancing foaming cleanser felt so gently refreshing, I love trying new face washes and this one felt calming on my skin. I’d like to try it for a longer period of time.

I love a good face mask, the refreshed feeling as you wash it away is amazing and this one smells lovely!


Which spas have you been to and loved?

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