The changes I’ve been making in 2017

I like to make goals and ‘resolutions’ for myself but I do this constantly not just in the new year. These are the changes I have been making so far this year and I have seen a huge improvement in my life the different areas of my life already due to them.

Skin care  I never used to have much of a skincare routine at all, I removed my make up most nights – except for when I got home really late. Something I wouldn’t dream of doing now but I never saw anything wrong with it before. Now I properly remove all of my make up as early on in the day/evening as I can. My skincare routine has consisted of lots of different products and I have finally settled into a routine that is really working for my skin. Previously I never had any skin concerns, my skin has always been a little oily and I’d occasionally have a breakout but nothing to make me think about my skincare routine. That is until a few months ago. It was probably almost a year ago that my skin started to get really bad, constant breakouts in different areas on my face. This was something that I wasn’t used to and it really knocked my confidence and became frustrating over time. I tried changing my make up, mainly my foundation, and even wore more to try to conceal the spots but nothing seemed to help. Until I settled into this skincare routine. My skin isn’t completely back to normal, there are still usually a few spot and occasionally it will flare up worse, but it’s better and despite the spots my skin underneath looks fresher. My pores are quite large and this has always frustrated me but they no longer stand out quite as much, my skin looks tighter and clearer in general.





Diet  I usually eat fairly healthy most of the time however I’ve been trying (and actually succeeding) for a few months to completely cut out processed foods and refined sugars from my diet. Fresh foods are so much healthier for your body, packed with lots more nutrients and I think they can be more tasty too! Due to being lactose and gluten intolerant this wasn’t too difficult for me or a massive change as there are so many foods I had to cut out. I absolutely love how much the free from sections are growing in supermarkets especially in the last couple of years. When I first became intolerant there were barely any alternatives in the supermarkets near me but now more and more brands are creating their products free from. If only Oreo would produce gluten free oreos… Although it’s brilliant seeing all these free from brands, especially Mr Kipling!, I tend to avoid most of the foods due to the long lists of ingredients on the back that don’t sound very natural. I never like to leap into a new diet as I feel as though my body needs to slowly transition so I didn’t be cut them out completely for a few weeks, and I still have little treats now and then when I really crave them. If you cut something out entirely you only crave it even more a couple of weeks later. I’d love to help anyone just starting out on a free from diet as I understand how difficult it can be to begin with.

Attitude  At the end of last year I was feeling very stressed, I was trying to do everything and creating daily – completely unrealistic – and impossible to-do lists. I was feeling very upset most nights and felt a huge weight of never managing to complete things as best as I wanted to. Things probably weren’t half as bad as they felt but when it all gets on top of you, you feel trapped and suffocated. Over Christmas I had a real break from literally everything and completely relaxed with my boyfriend, something we don’t get to do much of. I felt refreshed and didn’t want to get straight back into everything and feel exactly the same. So I decided not to put any pressure on myself, no one else was so why should I. I eased myself back into things and thought more logically about everything. All my to-do lists were created with the knowledge that these were achievable goals that I was setting myself. I pushed things back and considered whether those things could wait. I’m an impatient person and like to have everything done as quickly as possible but sometimes you just need to take a step back from our small bubble that we get so caught up in and realise what is actually important. Mental health is a importance. I’d consider myself a positive person but I’ve decided to focus more on the positives, especially about myself. I so often put myself down and feel like I’m not good enough. Sometimes you completely dismiss the things you’re good at and don’t acknowledge your positive attributes.

Me time  This one has been hardest as I love having everything completed and in perfect order but I would run out of hours and needed some chill time to stop me going insane and completely burning out. I never really watch TV and while this might be a good thing I had no time to shut off from the world and not think about what I needed to do etc.


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