Spring Lookbook


With the change of season and warmer weather on it’s way I’ve started to change my daily routines, including what I’m wearing. Every season I usually buy a few new pieces but also show some love to the items that were bought the previous year. I’ve put together two casual outfits that I’ve worn recently to give you some Spring inspiration. There are so many beautiful pieces of clothing flooding into stores at the moment I find it slightly overwhelming on where to start. However a day in Selfridges, Manchester, definitely gave me some ideas… There’s a beautiful bag by Givenchy I currently have my eye on that would compliment these outfits, along with more spring trends, perfectly.

Spring is such a wonderful season for fashion, especially with all of the pastel fabrics. Which is exactly what drew me to this beautiful suede jacket from Zara. As we walked past the shop I could see it from the doorway and obviously stared at it for quite a while as my boyfriend offered for us to take a look inside when he noticed. I ran walked straight over to it, tried it on and immediately headed to the till – my purchases are never usually that straight forward but I fell in love with this item the moment I saw it. The biker jacket style is one of my favourites for warmer weather, when it’s not quite warm enough to be without a jacket. The fabric is so soft and a similar to scuba material inside making it feel quite thick and good quality. I prefer to wear it undone but also like how it looks fastened up, especially the built in belt that fastens around the waist area. I just know I’ll be wearing this jacket frequently throughout Spring and cooler Summer days.

Jeans have never been my go to option for clothing, I am definitely more of a dresses and skirt kind of girl. I just feel most comfortable and ‘myself’, if that’s even a thing hah. But sometimes jeans pull a lovely outfit together, they are a permanent wardrobe essential. Due to being 5ft 3″ jeans can sometimes be a difficulty to fit nicely everywhere however I came across this gorgeous pair in Mango. They are so soft, I think they are a brushed denim plus they fit well around my waist and in the length – which is a rarity. Although I do think they’d feel more comfortable with a belt, I just haven’t come across one that I really love yet. Jeans are a great piece to dress up or down whether it be with heels or a elegant top. The pale denim is perfect for spring and matches wonderfully with other pastel shades.

I bought this white tee last year from Topshop and love how light and comfortable it is, perfect for warm days and keeping covered up. It’s a casual addition to my wardrobe.

Recently the strap was replaced on my Marc Jacobs watch so it’s looking much smarter now, I love how this pairs with almost every outfit of any season. Over the past year I’ve gained much more of an interest in watches and love to add details like this to my outfits.







Last summer I ordered this top from Zara but never really came around to wearing it, I love the colour and its’ so perfect for Spring/Summer. As a lot of my skirts are fairly patterned I haven’t yet found one it pairs well with so for now I really like how it looks with these jeans. The frills are very cute but small so not too much of a statement and looks so girly with the lace pattern, the back isn’t lined so a completely plain nude bra is about the only underwear that doesn’t show up.

For someone who probably wears trousers or jeans about 5 times a year I’m shocked at myself that I’m wearing jeans in both of these outfits, but they fit so well and make two lovely everyday outfits.

Sticking with the pink pastel theme throughout these two outfits I wore them with open toe heeled sandals from Miss Selfridge, which are a great mix of smart/casual.



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