4 Quick and Healthy breakfast ideas

I like to frequently vary my breakfast, and other meals because I feel like I will gain more nutrition from rotating foods with different goodness in each meal. Plus I think I’d get a little bored eating the same thing every mealtime.



Porridge is a quick easy and warming breakfast for winter. I enjoy mine with chopped banana and other fresh fruits (kiwi, doesn’t go great…), dried fruits such as dates and raisins, with nuts & seeds such as chia, hemp in the porridge or sprinkled on the top. Sometimes I vary the fruit and add things like strawberries, blueberries or raspberries. For a more festive feel you could add cinnamon, there are so many ways you can vary porridge to suit your tastes. If you prefer something a little sweeter or find porridge a little plain adding a tsp of cocoa powder could be a treat for you. Honey or maple syrup are also fairly healthy sweeteners but don’t forget about the sugar you’re adding! Plus the naturally occurring sugars in the fruit.



This is fairly similar to the porridge but a chilled version, which can be made more cereal like or similar to chilled porridge, and this can also be made the night before ready to grab and go the next morning. I enjoy the same sorts of toppings but sometimes enjoy with milk, this would be either rice milk, almond milk or another plant based milk. However it’s also really nice with yogurt – I use soy yogurt. I have a very sweet tooth and try not to add to many sweet foods but fruit really helps with this. To save some time I usually pre-make this mixture in a big tub and just add the fresh fruit and milk or yogurt in the morning.



Avocado on Toasted Rye

This is probably one of my favourite weekend breakfasts, especially with the addition of smoked salmon for more of a treat or even poached egg. This combination is nice as a snack too with crisp breads. I toasted the organic sprouted rye bread under the grill then chopped up the avocado and added freshly squeezed lemon juice. After chopping the tomatoes I took the rye bread out of the grill, placed the chopped avocado on top and sprinkled over some chia seeds and sunflower seeds. There are so many ways you can include avocado in breakfasts, it’s also great for adding into savory meals for a more creamy taste. If you’re a big fan of cheese but are trying to cut it out this will definitely work for you!

Tip: Add fresh lemon juice to the avocado to prevent it going brown if you aren’t eating it right away or have left over to store in the fridge.

Rye bread is so easy to make lots of varied super healthy breakfasts, it’s a healthier alternative to normal  bread and is dairy and gluten free. It’s also much more filling than you would expect with a much nicer taste than normal bread and it has so many health benefits too, it can also help with weight loss and your cardiovascular health.

**If you eat chia seeds dry be sure to drink lots of water that day as they can absorb around 10 times their volume of water. It’s best to soak them in water or a milk recipe before eating but on meals where I can’t I still like to have them in my diet but be extra sure to drink more water.

Mini Quinoa Breakfast buns

These can be made the night before for a quick snack or breakfast. I’ve added cinnamon, nutmeg, maple syrup, brown sugar, eggs and apples to oats and quinoa. This is definitely more of a treat for a sweet tooth and isn’t something I eat regularly like the top three breakfasts.
What’s your favourite breakfast food?


 Let me know if you’d like a step by step for any of these in the comments below 🙂


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