Pumpkin Picking

Fresh fruit and veg seem so much tastier and healthier, plus it’s much more fun to visit a field and pick out your own rather than inside a supermarket. Kieran and I had a chilled weekend visiting the farm, wandering around fields and choosing our own pumpkins to carve for Halloween and make a wonderfully autumnal pumpkin soup with. Depending on how this goes a post may follow! Although we’ve enjoyed quite a warm October so far, I couldn’t wait to wrap up in a soft jumper and scarf ready for pumpkin picking. The sun was bright with a warm wind that constantly blew hair across my face, despite my efforts in tying it up into a fishtail braid to avoid this.

I’m excited for the weather to get a little cooler so my autumn wardrobe can come out in full swing. Until then I’ll have to try to introduce as much of it as I can without completely layering up.

There were rows of huge pumpkins and other cute little ones, I could imagine creating Halloween decorations of semi-cute faces or just thoughtfully placed around the house. As we were planning to (hopefully) make a variety of recipes from these pumpkins, such as soups, overnight oats, maybe some pumpkin influenced desserts and who knows what else, we picked some fairly large sized ones.

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