Olympus E-PL7


I bought the Olympus E-PL7 this weekend and I am in love, before even getting started on the technical details of the camera just the look of it is brilliant, fairly vintage looking like the old style cameras. It is also available in plain black or black and silver – you can see them here. The camera bags available by Olympus are amazing too they look like handbags you would actually choose to buy rather than the big bulky fabric ones that you get for most cameras. Find my favourite here.

It’s the perfect size! I had looked at purchasing the Canon EOS 100D however after reading many reviews and testing them both out I decided on the Olympus E-PL7 for almost every reason. They are so compact and easy to quickly have at hand to take a quick photo. They are much faster than the Canon and have many more filters – something you might not be interested in but it’s always good to know that the feature is there and it has wi-fi! Perfect for on the go.

Considering the quality and ability that has been squeezed into this tiny camera the price is low.

There are so many amazing features with this camera, I can’t wait to get started taking photos and sharing them with you.

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