My Everyday Handbag Essentials

Everywhere I go, my bag comes with me. I hate leaving the house without it, even if it’s only a quick trip to Tesco, which is why I like to have it packed with all my essentials so that I’m always prepared. I know my boyfriend often thanks me for it too! These are a few of the everyday items I carry around, I may have left out the slightly battered looking bottle of hand sanitiser, it was pink though – sweet smelling Strawberry laces.

After purchasing the bag a similar pastel coloured purse was essential, I found this cute coin purse at John Lewis. The tiny detailed rose gold bow compliments the gold bows scattered across the bag perfectly and there’s just enough room to fit everything I need inside.

Hair grips have a magical talent of disappearing into thin air, and that’s why I keep a few in my bag. Just in case a quick hair fix is needed on the go.

Spare bobbles are always necessary, I usually have one around my wrist but when I’m being good I’ll keep it tucked away in my bag instead.

Lipstick is another item that will be with me wherever I go. At the moment I’m using YSL Coral Intuitive, it’s such a pretty Spring colour and so moisturising. I can reapply throughout the day without my lips feeling dry. My hands need moisturising too, and frequently! Garniers intensive cream is the perfect handbag size and deeply nourishes your hands while quickly absorbing into your skin so you aren’t left with sticky hands.

Powdered tissues from Boux Ave are the perfect size to slip into your bag, ready for an emergency touch up. They carry a wonderful floral scent and look just as cute as you would expect.




After spraying perfume before leaving the house, and being too risky to carry around, I like to keep a body spray handy throughout the day. Soap & Glory Original Pink is such a pretty scent and actually smells how I would expect pink to smell. Of course, my keys come with me accompanied by this lovely little Vivienne Westwood kitten. A pink sparkly nail file is always needed…

Slightly random but, for me, kind of essential – my notebooks come everywhere with me for when an idea pops into my head or I suddenly think of something I need to write down. My pale pink Pandora pen matches my bag and accessories so well.

Earphones are easy to tuck away in a bag pocket ready for a long journey or if you feel like listening to music.

My little black Vivienne Westwood cat is tied to my keys, it’s so adorable. My boyfriend bought it for Christmas a couple of years ago, it makes finding my keys inside my bag much easier too!


Do you have any handbag essentials? Let me know in the comments below!


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