Morning tips for a more productive day




Get your day of to a positive start by writing down 3 things you are grateful for, be specific, this helps train your mind to look for the positive things in situations and starts the day with positive thoughts.


This isn’t for everyone but is definitely a good habit to at least try at some point in the day. Meditation helps you feel calmer and more centered which can help you find better focus and be more productive on the tasks you do. It doesn’t have to be for long, maybe try 5 minutes to start with. Or, at least try to eat mindfully and slow down. Give yourself enough time in a morning so that you don’t need to rush and can calmly get ready. Calmness in the morning can make you feel more relaxed and easier to focus throughout the day than if you start the day with a mad rush.

Don’t snooze the alarm

Get up straight away, it can make you feel more tired to keep lying in bed. Once you are up and about you’ll feel more awake, those extra 5 minutes aren’t going to make you feel any better.

Read something that motivates you

Reading in a morning is a new habit for me, previously I only read on a night before bed which helped me sleep. Now I also like to read a few pages of something which motivates me and makes me want to do the things I need to succeed and work towards the goals I set myself. If you don’t feel like reading much of a book you could read a motivational quote or a book which is divided into small page sections with tips or reminders which motivate you.

Get up and don’t reach for your phone first

Picking your phone up for a quick 5 minutes can soon turn into half an hour of scrolling, this is pretty unproductive in itself but also makes your eyes feel tired and prevents that fresh motivated feeling. If you find that you feel down after scrolling through certain social media like Instagram this isn’t a good way to start the day, immediately having the mind set that maybe you aren’t good enough or wish you could change certain things about yourself. Instead try to get up as soon as your alarm goes off and do something, read, exercise, have a glass of water, start preparing breakfast, anything but try leave your phone alone for at least the first hour of the day.


Overnight your body can get quite dehydrated while you sleep, try to sip a glass of water or warm water and lemon when you wake to rehydrate your body. This will make you feel more awake and help your brain function well.

Write a list

Write a list of the main things you’re aiming to achieve that day so you can set your focus on them, try keep the list short, specific and in view while you are working so you can keep reminding yourself if you begin to lose focus. I also like to write a list of other things I’d like to do that day but keep that separate from my main bigger task goals as it can be overwhelming to see a long list of all the things you need to get done. Instead refer to the other list when you have time or in between breaks of bigger tasks. Writing a list gets it all off your mind and onto paper (or the digital equivalent) so you can more easily focus on the task at hand rather than thinking and trying to remember of all of the others things you need to do.

Focus your internal voice

‘Answer back’ to the negative voices inside your head that tell you that you don’t want to get up, or you’re going to have a bad day or that you still can’t be bothered to do that project you’ve been putting off for the last month. Actively ‘respond’ to the criticisms and pretend it’s someone else saying it. Keep your longer term goals in mind and what you want to achieve, remind yourself why you are doing the things that you maybe don’t feel like doing at the moment and what will happen if you continue to put them off. Take charge and don’t let negative voices hold you back or stop you from actively creating the life you want to live.

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