Milkmaid Braid


Although I absolutely love styling my hair I never do it as often as I would like, so many other things take priority and instead my hair ends up looking a mess. Which is why I really enjoyed creating this braid, on weekends I (sometimes) have more time so can properly enjoy styling my hair. In the week I am going to force time into my routine to allow time to properly style my hair. Braids are so pretty and I always feel girly when wearing them, plus they are neat and tidy. You can really experiment with them to create different styles to suit how you prefer your hair and for your hair type/length. At school I used to spend so much time in a morning curling and styling my hair. This is probably because while I was in primary school my mum always styled my hair and it became habit to always style it before leaving the house. Often I consider having it cut into a long bob but I just know I’ll regret it, I have every time in the past.

Usually to create this I would do two braids that turn into plaits at each side and then bring the plaits over my head and cross them over however this time I did it differently…

  1. I started just above my temple with a section of hair about and an inch/ an inch and a half thick and began the braid.
  2. Taking hair from the center of my head I continued the braid all the way around until where I had started.
  3. When I came back to the beginning of the braid I continued to plait and then secured this with a clear small plastic tie.
  4. Laying the plait flat to my head I gripped it all the way round to secure it behind the start of the braid and tucked the end into the braid so that it wasn’t visible.

This was probably a little more difficult because of having to swap your hands round and still keeping the braid tight but I like the outcome.


What’s your everyday hairstyle?


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