Max Factor Colour Elixir Lipsticks | Review & Swatches

As you’ll know from previous posts, lipsticks reserve a special beloved place in my make up bag. A very important part of my daily routine. These Max Factor Colour Elixir Lipsticks probably make up a half to three quarters of my lipstick collection, I can’t remember why I was influenced to buy the first one but I fell in love with the beautiful colour and texture, which is why I went on to purchase more. The very first shade I bought was ‘Bewitching Coral’.  A few years ago the brighter shades were my most used, now I prefer nude and berry tones. After my mum tried some of these lipsticks, she went out to buy some for herself. Even my Nana has one of these after seeing me wearing it. I’m often pointing friends that ask about good lipsticks that are affordable in the direction of these too.

The staying power and perfect range of these 16 shades are amazing, at £7.99 each I think they’re such a bargain. There are only a few of shades that I haven’t purchased. If you haven’t tried them already I’d really recommend them. The colours are very rich pigmented bold and go on your lips the same colour that’s on the stick. Not an entirely matte finish but not super shiny either, I think the level of shine seems to slightly vary between the shades.


I actually find these lipsticks really moisturising and I sometimes (more in winter) get slightly dry lips. If your topping it up several times a day and wearing it absolutely everyday then you may find they seem a little dry overtime, but I’m pretty sure this would be the same with any lipstick. They all contain moisturising properties such as shea, avocado and aloe butters. However if this is a problem your finding a thin layer of lip balm underneath the application of lipstick would easily solve this. They feel really comfortable on your lips not heavy or set in a way it feels unpleasant to move your mouth.

Recently I have been trying lots of new lipsticks and have so many brands that I genuinely love but there will always be a place in my lipstick stand for these beauties.


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