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P3210928.jpgP3210942.jpgLipstick is definitely a must have essential in my make up bag, I feel bare without it. It’s the finishing touch to a make up look or outfit. As you can see I’m pretty boring with my lipsticks, just different shades of nudes and pinks with the odd red, but anyway here’s my collection…


Max Factor Colour Elixir Lipstick – £7.99

Max Factor lipsticks seem to be more moisturising than other brands around the same price point for me, I often find that my lips seem to get quite dry when I use others. Max Factor have quite a wide range of colours which all seem to be ones that would be worn regularly.

Lip liners aren’t something I’ve always bought and to be truthful I’m still a little uncertain of them, I worry that my lipstick will come off and I’ll be left with an outline around my mouth looking like I’ve just eaten something and it has stuck to the edges of my mouth (bleugh). However as long as they are blended in well this hasn’t happened to me so far… I’m not sure if they stop my lipstick from smudging or if it helps it last any longer but I’m going to carry on using it until I’m certain. I initially bought them after seeing someone wearing them as a lipstick and they looked beautifully matte, however they just don’t seem to look the same on me.


The nudes…



..The pinks…


..and the reds.


Diva | Pin Up | Swoon

Ciate London, Liquid Velvet – £17

I absolutely love these these three shades this set is just perfect for every occasion however they do tend to smudge a little and because they’re matte, which looks great to start with, they are quite drying on your lips. I’d definitely recommend applying lip balm as a base.


Legendary | Disco Rose

Smash box Be Legendary Lip Gloss – £16

These colours are perfect for day and nighttime wear however they’re a little too glossy for me – not a good combo with long hair. I feel too conscious when wearing these that I have hair stuck on my lips which I’m constantly removing so it doesn’t last very long. I do really like the colours though, they would be great for a photoshoot but I wouldn’t really recommend for everyday wear.


630 Color Riche Beige A Nu | Color Riche Eva’s Nude

L’Oreal Colour Riche- £6.99

Two of my favourite nude shades, I prefer the Eva’s Nude for everyday wear and Beige A Nu for going out as it’s slightly darker. Both of these last a really long time before you need to reapply.


Which is your favourite lipstick brand?


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