Lancôme Énergie de Vie Liquid Moisturiser


Maybe it’s the change of season, I’m not sure, but my skin has changed so much over the last few months. First constant breakouts and now it seems to have evened out but it’s slightly dry in the usual places. I needed something to make my skin look brighter again. I wandered over to the Lancôme counter and was introduced to Lancômes’ new liquid moisturiser. I tried some on the back of my hand, it felt so silky soft and absorbed into my skin quickly.

Due to being a liquid moisturiser rather than a cream it feels much lighter on my skin, as it soaks in quickly you are able to use it as a base and apply make up over the top very shortly after. After using it morning and night I’ve noticed that my skin definitely looks healthier and more hydrated plus it feels so much smoother. After cleansing I massage between one and two pumps into my skin, I use such a tiny amount I can tell that this product is going to last a long time before it will need replacing.

Goji Berry extracts are used in this moisturiser, which have anti-aging properties, they have the ability to reduce the appearance of scars and replenish sun damaged skin cells.  Due to the anti oxidants found in these fruits they help firm up skin to become taut and smooth, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and also inflammation. Goji berries even out your skin’s texture and helps your skin cells to renew faster.

My skin looked fresh and awake after using this moisturiser over a few days.


Along side this I’ve also introduced Lancôme Gel Éclat Clarifying Cleaner Pearly Foam into my skin care routine. I use this after removing my make up to remove any traces left behind and in a morning before I start my make up routine. I apply a small amount and lather it up. It feels so fine and smooth yet is deep cleansing, leaving my face feeling very fresh.


As an alternative, slightly lighter, moisturiser I’ve been using Hydra Zen Moisturiser. After removing all of my make up and cleansing I apply this just before I go to bed. It’s really light and absorbs pretty quickly. It feels quite a dry cream on application, this is probably one of the reasons it doesn’t make my face oily. My skin is quite sensitive but this cream doesn’t irritate it at all, it’s very smooth as it’s massaged into my skin feeling gentle and soothing. I don’t really use this just before applying make up as it doesn’t work as well as a base.

My skin looks much clearer and so fresh and glowing since using these products, even after only a handful of times.


Which skin care products can’t you live without?


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