How To Stay Motivated



Keep your goal in mind

Always remember and remind yourself why you set your goal. Keep progressing and track what you are working towards. If it’s long term it can be helpful to write yourself a plan, cover all of the steps that you need to make to achieve your goal. A mini celebration for each step that you complete might keep you focused and excited to continue achieving.


Set realistic goals & be fair to yourself

When you set your goal you must ensure that it is attainable and achievable, you will quickly become disheartened if it is unrealistic. Don’t dwell on your failures, learn from them and you can teach yourself how to improve from it.




Don’t let things get you down

It’s normal to get upset and disheartened, sometimes you do feel like giving up but you need to remind yourself why you wanted to set and achieve it in the first place and how important it is to you. Keep going.


Look at the things that keep you motivated

It might be quotes, images, people who have achieved something that you would like to, anything that keeps you moving towards your goal. Watch motivational speeches, read motivational books, whatever it is that keeps you striving towards your goal.


Take responsibility

If you fail, ask yourself why, don’t try to blame others. When you succeed congratulate and be proud of yourself, don’t brush it off.


If there’s something major (or minor) troubling you it’s best to talk about it. Sometimes problems can seem bigger and more scary when you’re on your own. Talking about them with someone can help you see solutions or make the problem seem much less of an issue.

Enjoy some ‘me’ time

If you want to achieve something you should set your full focus on it and never give up. You need to devote your time and energy, however you can quickly become exhausted and feel like giving up if you never take a break. Nobody can keep going forever without any sort of release. It’s very tiring! You also won’t be working at your best. Take some time to do something that you enjoy and let your mind rest. Exercise (if this is something that you enjoy) is perfect because while working out your mind is focused on what you are doing now and you don’t really have the time to think about other things going on in your life. Your body also releases ‘happy’ hormones called endorphins when you exercise, so when you’re finished you’ll feel refreshed and motivated.


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