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Saving money can be difficult, especially when spending money is much easier to spend than it is to earn and often we are left scrambling to save what we can to live our lives. 


 But there are so many amazing ways to save money by making little changes to our lives. Instead of frantically looking for a loan to pay off your bills, these tips should allow you to build better habits and allow you to truly thrive this year. 


Good shopping is the easiest way to both spend and save money, and these simple tips should make life much easier for you this year. 


  1. Head for the reduced section 


Towards the end of every day at the supermarket, employees will walk around with their label gun and put items that are almost out of date on sale for over half price. If you time your shopping trip for the evening you should be able to head straight to the reduced section and pick up your favourite fruit and veggies for a much lower price right off the bat. 


  1. Compare 


Most of us fall into one of the 4 big supermarket categories and we never seem to stray from the one that is local to us or the one that we are familiar with. But by not comparing prices to different supermarkets you are already costing yourself money. Make sure that you always consider comparing prices of your favourite products because you might be surprised at the savings you could make. 


  1. Use the budget brands 


Aldi and Lidl have changed the whole game when it comes to supermarket shopping in recent years. Not only do they provide our favourite brands at a lower price but they also make their own cheaper versions of many products we love. One of the things you should take advantage of when shopping is these cheaper brands that replicate their more famous cousins because a lot of the time these products are just as good! Try a few and see if you will convert to the cheaper brands that are often great quality but just underrated. 


  1. Always read the price label 


When you go shopping and you are choosing between a 500g pack of butter vs a 1kg pack, read the unit price underneath the actual price. This will tell you how much it costs per unit of the product and often the bigger packs will be cheaper overall. This means that you are better off buying one big pack instead of 2 small ones. This isn’t always the case though so be aware of this when shopping around. 


  1. Don’t keep everything 


When shopping and trying to save some money, one of the things you can consider is not keeping everything in your basket. As you walk around the supermarket there will be items that just sort of materialise in your trolley. That’s why at the end of the shopping trip you should look at what you have to put a few things back before you go to checkout. This will make you really question what you want and need and will save you spending too much money. 


  1. Buy on Amazon 


One of the things you should consider when shopping for items you often use is whether they are cheaper in bulk on Amazon. Amazon usually supplies huge packs of food and drink and they come at a much more reasonable unit price. This is especially true for things such as breakfast bars that you might find in store for a massive price. 


  1. Look down 


If you have ever looked at the aisle of the supermarket you may have noticed that all of the cheaper priced items are below eye level. This is actually the case for many other items in the supermarket. A lot of the time home brands and cheaper options will be lower on the shelves to discourage you from buying them, so make sure that you look down when shopping to find the best deals. 


  1. Don’t look at end caps 


Sometimes supermarket products will be displayed at the end of the aisle and displayed as offers, but if you go to the aisle where the item lives you will find that the offer displayed is not worth it. Avoid looking at items that have been placed on the end of aisles because they are not all they seem. 


  1. Write a list 


The biggest mistake you can make when you are trying to save money on your shopping is to not write a list. If you don’t write yourself a list before you head out shopping you will inevitably end up buying more than you need. Think about what things you actually need and don’t stray from your list when you go to the supermarket. 


  1. Make a meal plan


As well as writing a list for your shopping trip you should create a meal plan that details every meal you want to eat during the week. This will give you some time of direction when it comes to your shopping and will ensure that you don’t start over buying items because they are on sale. Plan for batch meals such as chilli or pasta that can be used over several days, and think about things that don’t take many ingredients to make. 


  1. Don’t shop hungry 


If you are going to follow any of the advice from this list, this should be it. If you go to the shops and try to do your weekly shopping trip while hungry, all you’ll end up doing is buying lots of sweet treats to feed your cravings. The best time to go shopping is actually just after you’ve eaten your dinner. At this point, you’ll be able to go shopping without being too tempted by everything you see on display. It will make life much easier and you’ll end up saving a ton of money as a result. 

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