How to make everyday productive

Some days I feel superhero productive and others I wonder where the day has gone and that feeling is awful. So I decided to take full control of my productivity and put a plan into action. There are still days where I don’t feel like I’ve got as much done however if I start feeling a little lost I make sure to just start and it becomes easier as the day goes on. After a while it all becomes habit too.

1. Do as much as you can the night before

To set your morning up to a quick and easy start prepare as much as you can the night before. I usually make my breakfast & lunch then put an outfit together ready for the next day. This way I don’t have to do much thinking first thing either.

2. Wake early, give yourself sufficient time to get ready

It’s best to wake up a couple of hours before you need to leave your house, this way you have enough time to get ready at your usual pace without rushing. This prevents stress early on in the day and the rest of your day is more likely to run smoothly because you’ve started your day with a calm and positive attitude.

3. Always eat breakfast

Honestly I don’t know how anyone could skip breakfast! I’ve always eaten breakfast early on in the day and struggle without it. I prefer to have my breakfast just a little while after waking up, this way my body has had time to re-adjust and I’m then fueled with energy for the morning.

4. Write a list of everything you need to complete that day in order of importance

List making is one of those things that I absolutely love doing, I feel so much more organised and my head feels clearer another benefit is the wonderful feeling of being able to tick those completed tasks off your lists and feeling like you’ve accomplished something. For me the order of importance is necessary because when we have a list of things to do it’s always easiest to do the ones we like to do most or the easiest ones to do and the others are delayed. Stick with your order of importance and you’ll feel so much better for doing so, any feeling of dread will be gone and you’ll feel so proud that you’ve done it.

5. Schedule your day

I feel most organised when I plan exactly what I’m doing and set time restraints or goals for each task. This way I know what I’m doing for the day and if I do get a little distracted I look back to my list or schedule and know exactly what I need to be doing and I can dive straight back into it without wasting more time trying to remember what I was just doing or what I wanted to be doing.

6. Focus on one thing at a time

This is where I find my list extremely helpful, I’ve written down everything I need to do so don’t have to worry about forgetting anything. Thinking about other tasks while your trying to complete another one is always terrible, it means that you are not putting your full effort into this task and you’ll probably feel disheartened that you haven’t like you could do better if it had your full attention, and if you air on the side of perfectionism you may feel like doing it again – which would obviously be a complete waste of time! You’ll also still be worrying about the tasks you haven’t yet started, and worrying about hypothetical situations is a complete waste of time and energy!

Are there certain things you do to be more productive, do you currently do any of these things?


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