How to be more positive about yourself

We are taught far to often not to love ourselves, what we should and shouldn’t look like or be interested in. It’s difficult not to pick out our flaws and imperfections and feel insecure about them, especially when comparing ourselves to other girls on Instagram and other platforms.


Be Positive

Everyday remind yourself of the things you love about yourself, and start each day with good thoughts. Plan your day at the beginning and be proud of everything you have accomplished at the end of your day.



If there’s something in your life that you aren’t happy with, change it! I’m not saying completely change everything and I know sometimes it can be scary to change the thing that’s making you unhappy. But once you have you’ll be glad you did and wish you had months ago. Changes could be small like some new clothes or big like a change of job but either way they will make a big difference to your happiness.


 Smile More

Smiles are contagious, smile at others and you’ll be surprise at how much happier you will feel. Smile everyday, it releases happy hormones in your brain.



Everyone has had to deal with other people putting them down at some point, learn to ignore their negative comments as they are only making themselves more miserable and you don’t need to be dragged down with them.


Love Yourself & Be Yourself

Learn to love your flaws. What you may think is a flaw another person may envy you for it. We tend to fixate on things that we don’t like about ourselves, things that others may not even notice or see as a problem. The only thing we are doing is making ourselves miserable for no reason.


Treat yourself with the respect you or anyone else deserves, don’t put yourself down or think of  yourself as below or more worthless than anyone. You deserve respect from everyone including yourself.


Make yourself a priority, do what is best for you and put yourself first. Learn to say no.

Don’t Compare

Each of us are beautiful in our own individual way, don’t compare yourself to other people. You may wish that you had certain features of another person but someone else might wish to have some of your features. We are all different which makes us unique in our ow special way. You should embrace the differences and enjoy your life without worry about other people and what they are doing.


Create a positive environment

Surround yourself with positive people who encourage you. Keep your space at a comfortable level for you.

Say Yes

The more you say yes the more you’ll want to, it’ll boost your confidence and you’ll end up on more fun ventures.

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