How I clean my make up brushes

Cleaning your make up brushes certainly isn’t the most fun job however it is satisfying/pleasing to see the natural colour of the brush again and much nicer to use them the first time once they are all fresh and gunk-free. Many people don’t see the importance of cleaning their make up brushes, they touch your face everyday getting dirtier and dirtier, cleaning them could also prevent spots.Washing your brushes regularly will also prolong the lifespan of your brushes. Because I use my make up brushes every day they get caked in make up pretty quick, gross, I like to clean them thoroughly as often as I can. I used to wash them a different way with olive oil and washing up liquid but this is so much quicker, easier and less messy. All you’ll need is baby shampoo and warm water.











  1. Find all of your dirty make up brushes to be clean, lay them out so you don’t forget any!
  2. Take the first brush and hold it under the warm tap.
  3. Squeeze a good amount of the baby shampoo into the palm of your hand, you could also use a gentle hand wash but I quite like the smell of this and how gentle it is.
  4. Swirl the brush in the palm of your hand making the soap lather up, ensure the whole brush head is covered.
  5. Hold the brush under the running tap and continue to swirl it in the palm of your hand, gently squeeze the bristles.
  6. Continue to apply the soap and rinse until the water running from the brush is clear.
  7. Once all of them are clean lay them flat (I usually lay them all on towel) leave them overnight minimum to dry.

(Always turn the tap off between swirling and rinsing so that water isn’t wasted)

Be careful not to allow any of the shampoo or water up the brush as this could loosen the bristles and cause them to fall out, a mistake I have once made, so be careful to not be too rough! When drying lay them on a flat surface. Every few days I ‘shampoo’ and rinse my blending sponge because there’s no drying time needed with using it damp.

My current make up brushes are very the basic set and these are the ones I use nearly everyday. Previously I used Eco Tools brushes (until I ruined them :() and I then switched to The Real Techniques brush set. Due to having very little to compare them to I couldn’t really tell you too much about them but they work for me, they feel good quality and… For Christmas this year I think I’ll be asking for another set off make up brushes so that I have a spare while these are drying.

I’d love some suggestions for new make up brushes, which ones do you use?


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