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Halloween is one of my favourite celebrations, it’s a time you can be really creative with make up and outfits. Throughout primary school my mum always threw a Halloween party for me and my friends so I have always enjoyed celebrating it. My mum is very creative and often came up with new games, one where we would be blind folded and given a piece of food and told it was something Halloween themed (like a hotdog with a banana chip stuck in and told it was Frankenstein’s finger).

Halloween is once a year and you might not want to spend a lot on a costume to wear just once, and I think it’s fun to make costumes from things that you already own. I’ve created this costume from cheap or things where you can use something similar that you already own…

  1. Start with the base, use a white face paint and cover your face, arms, chest and put some in your hair to make it look grey.
  2. Using black eyeshadow take a fairly small brush, I used the real Techniques setting brush and essential crease brush for around my eyelids, and smudge into circles around your eyes. I kind of ‘contoured’ or shaded the usual areas you would contour with the black eyeshadow, under cheekbones and along the hairline on the forehead.
  3. Take black kohl eyeliner and line the inside of your eyes to accentuate the black look around your eyes, add a little black mascara to blacken around the eyes some more. It would probably look pretty good with some white out contact lenses too.
  4. Finish off with some black lipstick, to apply this I scrunched my lips in a tight pout so that the lines would show. Paint your nails white, put some talcum powder in your hair and your make up is good to go.
  5. Any white clothing will do, I had the idea of a white dress in mind. Like a creepy ghost girl but I like how this works with a plain white tee, which you could also rip, and smudge black eyeshadow into.





Cat ears are just cute and really easily make you more ‘dressed up’ for Halloween especially when you don’t want a full costume. Pair with black clothing and lipstick and you’ve got an easy outfit, you could even add a black nose a whiskers if you wanted.


For an even more subtle look (without the ears…) try a slightly smokey eye with cat flick eyeliner and black lipstick, not as heavy on the eye make up. This make up could possibly suitable for work.


Black lipstick and dark eyes can create subtle themed Halloween make up if you don’t want a full costume. I created this look using the urban decay naked3 palette.


What are your plans this Halloween?


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