Fragrance Wishlist

Fragrances are miracles, they can transport you back to a time or place. They provoke memories and emotions and have the ability to shape your spirit making you feel empowered, relaxed or happy, refreshed and energised. Over the past few months after wondering in countless department stores I have discovered a few perfumes that I’d love to purchase soon…




L’Occitane Terre De Lumiere

L’Occitane produce such lovely beauty products however I had never previously tried fragrances by L´Occitane. Their newest addition was released late last year, described as the ‘essence of the golden hour’, was inspired by dusk in Provence, as the sun sets and the sky is filled with warm golden sunset hues. This is reflected in its appearance, the packaging truly looks as though it contains the sunset. This sweet perfume is made up of beautiful layers, starting with “edible” notes such as Bergamot; merging into the sweet fragrance of lavender and honey, which settles into the fresh aroma of white musk and bitter almond essence. Fresh and light zesty top notes are the first to awaken your senses, drifting into a warm sweet honey delight. This classy, delicate perfume is the perfect combination of almost polar opposites, bringing together a wonderful Gourmand treat for your senses. The overall fragrance has a sweet relaxing aura, if you closed your eyes you could easily imagine lounging under the sun in a meadow of sweetly scented flowers.


                                                                                                                                     L’Occitane Arlésienne

Much like a floral bouquet this beautiful fragrance unfolds to expose the almost hidden spicy notes of saffron while leaving a trail of floral innocence. Arlésienne opens with a refreshing breeze of floral opulence, with a ray of rose peeping through combined with the sweet violet has unexpected nuances occurring. The slightly powdery clean fragrance makes this a perfume that I’d like to wear through the spring and summer months. Described as ‘ full of mystery, beauty and grace’ this perfume is inspired by a woman who is elusive and attractive, bursting with colour and life.




Paco Rabanne Olympéa Intense

My boyfriend, Kieran, always wears one million for men and I love the scent. To me, it smells like him. While shopping for him I had a look at the women’s fragrances, Olympéa Intense, an exceptionally more sensual version of Olympéa. Concealed in a pretty pink Greek style bottle this is the feminine version of Invictus Intense which symbolises winners. A powerful scent to represent victory, hence the trophy designed encasing. Olympéa is equally inspired by strength, in a more feminine and lady like manner, with the theme of a Greek goddess. The rose gold encasing compliments the salty vanilla amber liquid which exudes a deep and floral essence.




Viktor & Rolf BonBon

While wandering around the beauty counters in Fenwick, York, I tried BonBon. The enchanting bow bottle design drew my attention towards it and the scent paired well with its sweet appearance. It’s a lady’s power perfume, defining herself while feeling empowered, beautiful and complete. Delicious caramel dominates this fun fragrance.




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