Fake a Gel Polish – No UV lamp Needed

Shellac is my favourite nail treatment, the only thing putting me off is the UV lamp. Some people may disagree or think I’m daft to let this put me off but I feel as though they will be bad for your health long-term. For special occasions I do have a shellac manicure but that’s the only time I’ll have them, this year I’ve only had them done twice. Nail varnishes are a struggle, between my impatience waiting for them to dry and the fact that they seem to chip after half an hour I am constantly on the look out for a looong lasting polish. On my bid to try find one I bought some ‘gel’ style polishes from Essie, Revlon and Sally Hansen. I have done absolutely no research on any of these polishes before buying them and read no reviews, which I think was a good idea – this way I can’t be influenced by other peoples opinions.


 Essie Gel Setter Top Coat

To give them the best chance I followed the instructions exact on the bottles. First, Essie. I’ve actually never owned any polishes by them, the colours are lovely and I’ve always wanted to but just thought they seemed a little pricey. I bought these two from Boots on a buy on get one half price offer, as it was my birthday week off I decided to treat myself. Undecided between this colour and a nude I chose this as it had a frosty winter vibe which seemed very appropriate.

This was lovely to apply, as most new polishes are, the colour is lovely, shows up well for such a light colour with only one coat and definitely doesn’t need more than two. I left a long while before applying the second coat and applied the top coat the next morning. I was already impressed it had lasted until the next day because lately polishes haven’t even lasted that. By around the third day I started to see a couple of small chips on the tip on the first nails. With it being such a light colour these small chips were barely visible.


Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy

Revlon is another brand where I haven’t really tried many of their nail products before, so another new one for me. There weren’t quite as many colours in their range (or what the boots that I visited had stock of) that I really loved however there were still a few I considered before choosing ‘hold ’em’. All nudes, the thing swaying me away from nude polishes is if they are too light and you can still see the tip of your nail through the polish. The colour I selected wasn’t quite what I expected, being a lot more purple than I thought it would be. It’s nice but I don’t find this shade really suits me. Maybe I was inpatient but I also found that it took a really long time to dry. This seemed much thicker than the Essie polishes and seemed to chip much easier.


Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure

When they first released their gel polish I was really excited by the product but was quickly disappointed by the reviews I read and never bought it. I was surprised too, I swear by their Hard as nails nail strengthener. With this polish I bought it on a whim, it claims to have 7 benefits in 1 bottle, it’s a Base Coat, Strengthener (featuring Keratin Complex for up to 64% stronger nails), Growth Treatment, Salon Colour, Top Coat and Chip-Resistant with a Gel Shine Finish . It also claims to have up to 10 days of chip resistant wear. There are lots of neutral shades, I decided on ‘Café Au Lait’. Each layer felt super thin and the colour was a lovely shade of nude lasting almost 5 days without chipping.

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Essie, Go With The Flowy

Essie, Gel Setter Top Coat

Revlon, Hold ’em

Revlon, Diamond Top Coat

Sally Hansen, Café Au Lait

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