Creating Space & Organisation In Your Wardrobe


Overflowing and unorganised isn’t a good look for your wardrobe, and it doesn’t help when trying to find an outfit. Finding clothes you bought months ago with the tags still in because you forgot you bought them and they get swallowed into the black hole that is your wardrobe. If you’re like me and a bit of an organisation freak this would cause serious problems. I try to always keep on top of my wardrobe but recently it was way out of hand. With endless amounts of clothes that I plan on keeping I needed to create some space, after buying and buying more new clothes there’s a point you need to realise that you can’t go on forever or you will be living in your wardrobe.

Of course the first thing you must do is clear out clothes you no longer wear if you haven’t worn it in the last 6 – 12 months are you really going to wear it again? I like to sort these into three piles, for charity, to sell and to throw away. I use Depop and most recently eBay to sell my unwanted items and have even been taking some clothes to H&M as part of their ‘close the loop’ program. When you take in any size bag of clothes you can receive a £5 voucher for when you make a purchase over £25. Once you’ve cleared some space it’s easier to find places for your items.




PA151672.JPGTo minimise the space taken up by clothes change your coat hangers, I recently removed all of the plastic hangers that you received with purchases and replaced them with some super thin silver metal coat hangers and also some super cute black felt hangers made with a little bow in them. I also bought some trouser hangers which in all honesty did not think I would use but these have saved me so much space. Due to the width of these hangers I’ve managed to hang 6 pairs of trousers on each of these hangers.


Shoeees! For me these are the most awkward item to buy and the most awkward item to store. I hate how messy they can look. Which is  why I bought this shoe rack, so simple and cheap but does the job perfectly. There isn’t quite enough room for all of my shoes but it fits most of them on. Boots and heels don’t fit underneath but there’s plenty of room for them to sit in front or on top.



Add a door hook to the inside of your wardrobe door, this creates extra places to hang things such as handbags, the next days clothes, scarfs. You’ll have to be careful not to put anything too bulky here as it will stop your wardrobe doors from closing, but this does create a little extra storage.


Choose where you store things wisely, somethings just work better in particular places and it’s trial and error to find out where that might be. By placing things in the best area you can maximise your space. This is usually the case with furniture.

I’m currently in the (very slow) process of redecorating my bedroom, I haven’t yet finished with my wardrobe but these few things have made a biig difference to the space in my wardrobe.


Do you have any tips on creating space in your wardrobe?



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