Coconut oil & my hair journey


Honestly coconut oil works miracles! After several years of bleaching, and using heat to damage my hair it is finally in good condition. I started getting highlights in high school and became a little obsessed with becoming as blonde as possible, eventually I did end up bleaching my whole head – the turnout wasn’t so great, as a result I ended up having low lights a couple of days later…

The photos above show some of the different hair colours I went through, most of them are very similar just various colours of blonde. A lot of those photos are from a very very long time ago, a little collection of some embarrassing selfies!

Coconut oil hair masks will definitely help your hair, the easiest way to apply it is to melt the coconut oil by scooping it out of the jar onto a plate. Fill a heat resistant bowl with hot water from the kettle, place the plate on top of the bowl – but not touching the water and wait for the coconut oil to melt. Scoop up the liquid oil in your hands and lather the ends of your hair in it. I would try to avoid your roots as it can be quite difficult to wash out as it is an oil however if you would like to, when you come to wash your hair apply shampoo on your scalp before the water. Where possible I prefer to leave the mask on overnight although an hour or two would be long enough to feel the benefits. Coconut oil can penetrate your hair better than other oils and it smells lovely!

Coconut oil is brilliant for you in so many other ways…

Skin care – If you are conscious of the chemicals that are put in moisturizers but still want silky soft skin coconut oil is an excellent alternative. Because it’s natural it is perfect for all skin types. I have quite oily skin and I don’t find that it makes my skin too oily after a face wash the next morning. It can even prevent premature aging and wrinkling due to naturally containing vitamin E. People with skin disorders such as acne, psoriasis and eczema have benefited from using coconut oil this is due to the dying cells being quickly replaced by new healthy cells while treating the infection.

Beauty – As coconut oil is antibacterial and anti-fungal it is great for your dental health, it pulls the toxins from in between your teeth which helps to whiten your teeth and freshen your breath and all you need to do is rinse your mouth with coconut oil for a short time every morning before eating or brushing.

Weight loss – Coconut oil can actually decrease your waist size, this is due to having the ability to boost your metabolism and reduce your appetite.  It also increases your energy levels, curbs cravings, helps your body absorb nutrients more efficiently along with lots of other benefits.

Immune system – Coconut oil contains two antibacterial ingredients which are known for fighting off bacterial infections. It has been found to prevent herpes, influenza and HIV.


It’s great because you can buy coconut oil from anywhere, I would recommend buying organic 100% coconut oil. You can find a few below.

Organic coconut oil

Organic coconut oil


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