Cocomask | Application and Review


I’ve wanted to use this so much more than once a week but my hair just doesn’t need it. After using this hair mask my hair felt so smooth, I was about to have 3 inches cut off too, due to how straw like and dry it felt, my hair has been brought back to life! Cocomask is so easy to apply and makes a huge difference to your hair, it also helps remove tangles. It has a beautiful faint smell of lavender.


First I hold the tub in warm water for about 5 minutes (until the mask is soft and easy to take out)


Then I rub the mask into the mid to end lengths of my hair, making sure all of it is well covered.


My hair goes up in a bun and I leave it like that for a minimum of 1 hour, I always try to leave it as long as possible. And wash out in the shower, I apply shampoo around my roots before it gets wet in case to help wash any out so my hair won’t look greasy.


Then  dry and style your hair as normal and enjoy smooth silky soft hair.

Cocomask is 100% natural, raw & organic


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