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The first design I created using these polishes is the one below, my boyfriend took me to Fazenda in Manchester and then for a few cocktails in Alchemist and Grand Pacific, I wore a white lace dress and wanted my nails to match.


  1. First I used a cotton pad to wipe acetone free nail polish remover across my nail. This was to prep my nail removing any oils helping the nail polish to adhere better and making it less likely to chip.
  2. Then I applied 3 thin layers of CND Vinylux in ‘Studio White’ allowing a drying time of about 30 minutes between each coat (I put each layer on a little thicker than I was happy with so left it quite a while before applying more.
  3. I then applied 1 layer of the Top Coat.
  4. After the top coat dried I applied 1 thin layer (making sure I applied as many of the sparkly bits as I possibly could) of Opal Top Coat by Avon.
  5. DONE!

These polishes do claim to last for 1 week. I painted my nails on the Friday morning and they were fine until the Sunday however they had cracked, none of the polish had chipped by this point though you could just see cracks when you looked closely. By Monday the ends had started to chip and I got tempted to try peel the polish away. I think these results were partly my fault as I applied the layers a little too generously and I wasn’t sure what effect it would have using the sparkly polish from Avon on the top. Which is why I wanted to use only the CND products the way they were supposed to be and see if I had different results.


  1. For this simple beige/nude I used a cotton pad to wipe acetone free nail polish remover across my nail.
  2. Applied 3 very thin layers of CND Vinylux in ‘Rubble’ allowing a drying time of about 15 minutes between each coat (this isn’t necessary but I like to make sure that each each is completely dry before applying another to prevent my nails from denting easily)
  3. Applied 1 coat of the top coat
  4. DONE!

I was very very pleased with how long this nail polish lasted, I painted them on Tuesday and they lasted until Saturday before showing small chips at the end of my nails. This is definitely the longest any nail polish has ever lasted on me, usually showing chips the next day! Very excited by this product and I will definitely be buying a lot more colours.


  1. First I used a cotton pad to wipe acetone free nail polish remover across my nail.
  2. Then applied 3 thin layers of CND Studio White
  3. then 2 thin layer of CND Dazzling Dance(leaving lots of drying time in between each coat)
  4. I finished with 1 layer of the top coat
  5. DONE!


Do you have a favourite brand of nail polish? Let me know in the comments below.


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CND Vinylux Studio White

CND Vinylux: Rubble

CND Vinylux Dazzling Dance*

CND Vinylux: Top Coat

Opal Top Coat by Avon is now discontinued so I’ve put a link here for one similar

*I thought this was a clear/silver glitter when I ordered which is why I used the Avon Opal in the first design, the the metallic looking mint green/purple is so pretty though so I’m still glad that I bought it.

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