Ciate Liquid Lipstick Reviews & My Lip Routine


Without lipstick I feel quite bare, like my make-up isn’t fully finished, so it’s something I have quite a collection of. A while ago I was bought these three Ciate lipstains in a cute little set. They are the first Ciate lipsticks I had used so had no idea what to expect. First I realised you do not need a lot of this product. With the first swipe you can immediately see the rich colour. Using a thin layer makes it feel much more natural plus the product will last longer this way.


These three shades are a perfect combination of everyday and evening occasions and all are shades that I wear frequently. I probably wear ‘Swoon’ the most as it’s the lightest and most subtle for everyday. For a slightly bolder look I wear ‘Pin Up’ which is still perfect for everyday, of course bright and bold lipsticks are appropriate for every occasion however I prefer to stay with more neutral colours. I do enjoy playing around with darker, and brighter shades every so often. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll have seen how I’ve been wearing ‘Diva’ mainly with my simple, no eyeshadow, make up. They dry with a very matte look and the colour does last a craazy amount of time. Only one (two maximum) applications are needed because it lasts through eating, drinking, everything! On one of the days I applied it around 10am, then ate lunch etc and it was still there at 6:30pm.

 They aren’t uncomfortable to wear, feeling very thin and barely there. Although you can tell they’re matte if you tried rubbing your lips together after it has dried, however this may be the reason they don’t really transfer from your lips. Using a thin layer makes it feel much more natural plus the product will last longer this way.

My lip routine

To avoid my lips looking dry, or being dried out by matte lipsticks, I apply a small amount of lip balm before anything.



The red in this set can smudge a little so to prevent this I apply lip liner, I also do this to make my lips look slightly plumper, I line the very outer edge of my lips – as far as I can go without being able to tell.


Now for the lipstick, I start from the outer edge and create a neat line following the lip liner round, once I’m happy with this I fill the inner part in.

If I’ve smudged any or made any mistake at all I take a Q-tip and gently wipe the very edge of my skin to remove the mistakes. Be careful not to press too hard as you could ruin your foundation. If you’re struggling to create a smooth line this is this best way to correct it.



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