Birthday Wishlist

In a few days I turn 20 and what better excuse to treat myself to a few of the things I’ve been pining for the last few months.

The Happiness Planner, After coming across these planners I wanted to have one but it seemed like an extravagant purchase which is why for my birthday it’s acceptable – a present for me, from me. The whole idea behind them is lovely. Encouraging you to be more positive and helping to achieve your goals.

Anastasia Beverley Hills Contour Kit, I’ve never owned a contour kit and I have heard so many good reviews about this one that I really want to try it.

L’Oreal Steam Pod, I used one a steam pod at Toni & Guy and really liked the loose smooth curls that it created, my hair never felt like it had been burnt or damaged. Your hair is protected while using them, the steam adds moisture to your hair. I’d also like to purchase some GHD’s as these are much safer for your hair. The straighteners that I currently use make my hair smell burnt, which isn’t ideal…

Naked2 Eyeshadow Palette, I have the Naked3 palette and love it, I’ve never owned such lovely eye shadows. The palette I have has very rosy, pinkish tones, which I really like but sometime I’d prefer something a little more smokey.

Dyson Hair Dryer, Since they were released I have wanted to try one out! They’re better for your hair than a regular hair dryer due to the temperature regulator preventing heat damage and it’s much quieter. Plus they’re so much lighter making it much easier to hold for a while.

Viktor&Rolf Flowerbomb Perfume, Perfumes are something I seem to be collecting at the minute, with my collection growing. But I always make space for more, I like having variety and choice when it comes to perfume because I think different scents suit different occasions.

Daniel Wellington Watch, This is one of a few watches I have my eye on at the moment, I never really used to wear them and now I feel a little bare without one. There are a few new brands I have stumbled across recently and just instantly fallen in love with.

Olympus Camera Bag, These bags are so wonderfully designed, they don’t look like camera bags at all. They’re so perfect and chic plus they protect which is very important.

Make Up Brushes, My set of Real Techniques brushes are perfect but when I’m leaving them to dry after washing I don’t really have any others and the Zoeva brushes are so pretty.

 Clothing and lots of jumpers! The amount of clothing I purchase has dramatically decreased over the last few months – not something I’m happy about. I feel as though I need a really big shop for the new season.


What’s on your wishlist?

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