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A smart work wardrobe sets you up. When your hair is neatly styled, your make up is perfected and your outfit makes you walk with confidence you are unafraid to face the day and everything ahead. That’s how I feel anyway, if I feel uncomfortable in what I’m wearing I don’t feel right for the full day and less sociable. At work it is also very important to make good impressions and look presentable. The major part of my work wardrobe is that it has to look professional. For any work place you must look as though you are in control and aware, the clothing you wear definitely reflects this. Of course you should ensure the appropriate attire for your company as for some roles this type of style may not be acceptable. Most of my work wardrobe is black, black is sophisticated while forceful. I feel empowered and confident. It’s also very neat and clean looking.


This dress is soo comfy, it’s such a soft fabric and lovely and stretchy.I’d forgotten how much I love black clothing until I tried this on and with the summer months over I can switch back over to all black outfits. As much as I love coloured clothing I do feel a little more comfortable in black, I’m not entirely sure why but black just seems to suit me. The only problem with a lot of black clothing is the need for a lot of lint rollers especially with pets.


For work shoes I like something simple and recently found that I prefer ones with a little strap around the ankle. If I’m completely honest heels, or footwear in general, are a huge struggle for me. My foot was fractured when I was younger and I struggle to find footwear that’s comfortable, which means I can’t really wear heels for a very long time at all.


Both staple items of any work wardrobe, a classic outfit together while also making other outfits an easy combination through changing around and mixing up the blouse combination and also throwing trousers into the mix.


I’ve always been a little unsure of navy coloured clothing because I worry that it won’t look right with black tights, and navy can be tricky to find other clothes that match. However this blazer and skirt is a lovely combination.


More of an early autumn outfit (or if you work in a fairly warm office) but I love how girly & sophisticated it is, I haven’t really worn this top much as I don’t have many other things that match with it. These trousers are some of my favourite, they’re really warm too because of the thickness of the fabric.


Another essential white blouse working towards a slightly less girly look. Trousers aren’t something I wear often but I actually feel really comfortable and feel quite confident wearing them. I also love how they look with heels.


This is one of my favourite work dresses, I wish it was a little longer but when I’m stood it isn’t really an issue. I’d love more dresses similar to this style for work – please let me know in the comments if you’ve seen any this season!

I usually always have a black handbag for work, this way it will match any outfit I choose to wear. However with all black outfits I like to add a little colour with my Vivienne Westwood handbag.


What’s  your office style?




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