August Favourites


Giorgio Armani Foundation After trying several different foundations I’ve found my daytime summer favourite. The Giorgio Armani Foundation is best for during the day, especially in summer because it’s very light on your skin and looks so natural. It doesn’t look thick or cakey, like your barely wearing any at all and it feels as though your skin can breath a little more and appreciate the sunlight. You can find my full foundation reviews here.


Bout Ave cotton PJ’s I’m obsessed with Boux Avenue, ever since I first came across the shop I haven’t been able to keep myself away. I’ve got far too many pyjamas and way too much underwear but I just can’t resist how pretty everything is. All of the shops are so lovely to be in to, they’re a super pretty white and pink design and every store has the signature smell of their ‘white chiffon’ which you can also buy.There pj’s have particularly been my favourite because of how cool they keep you, they’re cotton too so they’re really comfy and perfect for warm summer  nights plus they look really cute. Which is why I just had to get them in both colours…


KG Shoes & Blue and White Striped Shirt These two items pair really well together and they’ve been so nice to wear this summer. I’ve always really liked the look of blue striped shirts but never really thought they’d suit me, I gave in this summer and decided to buy one. I’m so glad I did because it’s really comfy and makes a perfect casual outfit. The fabric is quite thin too so it’s nice and breezy in the warm weather. I didn’t really plan to buy the shoes or any others at all, but fell into the KG store in York and they fit me perfectly so I had to buy them.


Black and White lace Bra I only bought these a couple of months ago and they are crazy comfy, once I’m home for the night and showered I have one of these under my pyjamas. I’ve only really worn them out the house once under a low cut top but it’s not something I really wear in public as I prefer to be covered up and the support of a full bra. They’re really comfortable just for lounging in at home when you want some support but don’t want to wear a proper bra and they look very cute.



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(The white lace bra let from sold out so I’ve added one similar)
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