Apartment Vs Hotel: Which Wins On Holiday?

There is a lot to figure out before booking a holiday, but nothing is as important as the accommodation. The place where you lay your head is more than a bed and a roof. The right establishment can help you save money, entertain the kids, and find time to relax without stressing out.

Plenty of options are on the table, but the two main ones are hotels and apartments. Both of their pros and cons and, ultimately, it’s a personal decision. However, certain features will sway your thinking and your holiday so it’s important to do some research.

Here are the fundamentals to keep in mind.


Hotels Include Everything

Even a five-star establishment will take care of your laundry and transport to and from the airport. Holidaymakers who choose the all-inclusive option don’t have to worry about a thing. From the food to the drinks, it’s all within the price hence the name. Apartments are different because you have the freedom which means you are in control. Some people like it as it’s flexible and others hate it because they don’t want to worry about cooking or cleaning. A hotel is for those of you that don’t want to lift a finger for a fortnight.

Apartments Aren’t Restricting

While saving money is crucial, it shouldn’t come at the expense of your enjoyment. Often, all-inclusive guests find they are tied to the hotel from breakfast to the evening entertainment. This may be perfectly fine, but it can get monotonous too. Apartments give you the freedom to go out sightseeing and to explore the area without deadlines. And, it’s not as if they don’t come with perks. The majority of them have wifi, laundry services and rooms for multiple guests. Invite as many as you can to keep the cost down while enjoying the flexibility they offer.


And They’re Secure

Sadly, the days where you didn’t have to worry about your wellbeing are gone. Today, people get shot on beaches and militants take over hotels and hold guests hostage. The last thing anyone wants is to experience this situation, which is why an apartment may be a preferable option. Luxury apartments include extra security from reinforced gates to security guards and concierges. Therefore, anybody who wants access to the property will need to be legitimate. Once you’re on the property, a secure apartment adds peace of mind and makes the holiday less stressful.

Hotels Are Centrally Located

Seen as they accommodate hundreds of people, the buildings are always close to the main action. For accessibility, this makes them second-to-none including apartments. Whether it’s getting to and from the airport or seeing the local sights, you’ll never be too far away in a hotel. Families understand the importance of the location as marshalling kids on a half an hour journey is almost impossible. However, if the beach is five minutes away near a McDonald’s, it’s a piece of cake.

Which do you prefer? Do you have a preference or do you not care as long as you are on holiday?!

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