Incorporating trainers into your wardrobe

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Over the last few months, I’ve been drawn to more practical clothing and accessories. I want comfort and after realising how much walking is involved while attending university, comfortable shoes are a must! I’d been wearing my old gym trainers and decided it was time for an upgrade so I’m saving up for the Nike Air Force 1 trainers. I love the pale pink colour which makes them look feminine. The clean design gives them a sophisticated look, I can already imagine wearing them with cute dresses as the weather warms up and jeans on those days it’s a little cooler. This style has developed since the traditional Air Force 1 style with the addition of the platform giving it a bolder look. 


Source: Pinterest

Previously I wouldn’t wear trainers, I didn’t think they went well with dresses and thought they didn’t suit me but I’ve been building up my collection of trainers over the last year. They’re now my go-to choice of footwear. Trainers are the perfect footwear for so many different situations and keep you super comfortable. I used to go for day shopping trips in heels and I’d feel pretty grumpy and in a lot of pain by the end of the day, now I much prefer to wear trainers where I can be comfortable even after walking around for hours. Trainers are also a great way to express personality, being available in so many different colours and styles you can really choose some which speak to you. There are so many different options of trainers available that you just don’t get with other shoes like boots, there your colour options are fairly limited. 


Since lockdown I’ve been thinking about my style a lot and how it will change when we can go back outside. I’m definitely looking forward to incorporating more relaxed pieces into my wardrobe and trainers will be the staple of these outfits for sure!


Which are your favourite trainers?

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