Affordable Valentines Ideas

With less than a month before Valentine’s Day, some couples are panicking at the idea of finding a sweet present for their partners. If you’ve been extraordinarily generous at Christmas, it can be tricky to afford an expensive or over-the-top romantic Valentine’s gift, for instance. But don’t worry, celebrating Valentine’s Day is about celebrating love. Just like the Beatles used to sing, money can’t buy me love, and ultimately, love is in the intention not in the price tag.

Nevertheless, finding something suitable that doesn’t always look like the typical commercial present you can find in shops is a challenge in itself. And when you can’t afford fancy jewellery or an expensive romantic getaway so shortly after Christmas, you need to be creative about getting your loved one something meaningful on this special day.

But don’t panic! Here’s a little list to help you buy the best possible present as a token of love to your darling, and all without going over budget!

A little gift for your travel-lover partner

The best gifts are the least expected. For anyone who loves to travel, the idea of buying plane tickets might seem appealing, but it’s probably not on your list if you’ve splashed out during the Christmas period! As most Britons need around 3 months to get their budget back in the green after Christmas, you don’t need to feel bad about it. We’re just naturally generous! In short, the plane tickets are not an option. But you can surprise them with meaningful and useful travel-related present such as these Scottish gifts that help to protect a region, by buying a small plot of land. Did you know you could own a piece of the Scottish Highlands for as little as £30? Surely that’s a gift that makes all the difference on Valentine’s Day!


Let them explore safely

Sometimes, you’re just not sure what to give your darling. Would they like this or that? In doubt, there are plenty of trial subscription boxes – from yummy Japanese snacks from Bokksu to a dive into healthy food with Graze boxes – which you can join on their behalf without breaking the bank. The advantage of a subscription box is that they can try out something new without needing to commit to it. It’s ideal when you’re unsure what to give them or what they would like. Besides, for anybody who enjoys a little bit of craft on the side, you could encourage them to turn their subscription boxes into something more. A decorated box can be an elegant addition to their stationary shelf, for instance. Or why not suggest turning it into a memory box where they can keep tickets and photos of the things you’ve done together?


Splash out on a dinner night

Perhaps you dream of taking them to a Michelin-starred restaurant for the evening but are worried about your budget? With a little bit of effort – and some practice ahead of the big day – you can give them a similar experience at a fraction of the cost. Indeed, you’ll find plenty of Michelin chefs approved recipes online that provide you with all the step-by-step instructions you need to create a magical dinner. You don’t even need fancy ingredients. You can do wonders with red mullet fillet or even an Aberdeen Angus rib-eye steak, for instance!

Sometimes, you don’t need to break the bank to go big

When you’re tight on funds, the best approach is to engage your creative brain and make something unique. Your darling doesn’t need anything but a sweet reminder that you love them. Baking chalkboard cookies is an original thought, for instance, but it’s enough to say I love you. You could also create your lollipops –a  heart shape is a must – to give them something sweet to remind you by. Or why not fill a handmade Valentine’s cracker with cute little gifts and notes?

The best gift is yourself

Last, but not least, this unique gift idea is for couples for are in a long-distance relationship. You can make Valentine’s day feel special by surprising them with a visit! Don’t be too spontaneous, though. You will need to plan ahead – if not with your darling, at least with his relatives or friends to make sure that there will be someone at home when you ring the doorbell that night! If the next day is a work day, you might want to book it off, as it could be tricky to drive back in the morning!


Who says that you have to spoil your darling with expensive presents at Valentine’s Day? Surround them with lovely and meaningful attentions instead; because, in the end, love is both inexpensive and infinitely precious!





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