A Christmas Gift Guide For You!

Every Christmas and birthday (and any other excuses in between) I usually buy myself a present, something impractical that I’ve wanted for a while but couldn’t justify the purchase. These are never really big or expensive presents just little(ish) things. You should treat yourself the same as you treat others, looking after and caring for. So why not buy yourself a gift (or two) as a way of rewarding yourself.




Make up is usually pretty high on the list, I have my essentials and duplicates of essentials and the non-essentials, like the suitcase full of lipsticks… So normally I feel guilty when purchasing more make up but if it’s a gift, there’s no harm. Lipsticks are probably my guilty pleasure, I love experimenting with different brands and colours – I’ve still got my eye on the Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks! Other luxury beauty products such as scrubs, lotions, nail polishes etc. are also really lovely, I think the main thing is going for something a little more luxury and not for the reason on practicality.






Clothes are another I have way too many of but also don’t have enough of, I could buy and buy forever but finding somewhere for it all to live is the problem. Christmas time is one of the best times to buy new clothes because you have a lot more time to wear them, and this may just be me but winter is my favourite for fashion. Plus there are usually more events, parties etc to go to – lots of new outfits needed! Plus cute underwear and nightwear, you can never have enough an new underwear is the best.



A new bag or purse (or both) could be an excellent choice, a new one to add to the collection or a replacement for one looking a little tired and ready to go. Either way a lovely luxury gift from you, to you.


A nice pamper session to start the Christmas break off super relaxed. Book yourself a massage, facial, have your nails done, eyelashes or even a hair appointment. You could even prebook it for if you start feeling a little down in January waiting for winter to end, a good pick-me-up.

My wishlist this year:

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I’m interested to find out what the present to yourself would be, let me know in the comments below!


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