5 tips to take control of your life

While most of the time it feels like we are in control, other times it can feel like we have none, even when we think we do. There may be subconscious, or more apparent ways that we aren’t taking control leading to ‘life coasting’. I’ve put together some tips on how to be more aware and present so that you can take control and focus your energy on taking control and heading in the direction you’re aiming for.

Listen to your own voice

Do things that you want to, set boundaries and stick to them. only you know what you need so don’t seek approval or take unasked for advice from others. Before making a decision consider whether you have been influenced by what other people are doing or have said and decide whether it is what you really would choose and what makes you happy.

Don’t make excuses

Sounds like it’s contradicting my last point… but, don’t listen to the voice in your head that tells you to do that thing you’ve been putting off later because you’re too tired and now isn’t a good time, try change your perspective in these situations and decide what is more important – give yourself an ultimatum. understand the consequence of you listening to this ‘voice’ and how far you’ll progress if you continue to do so compared to if you decide to go against and do what you know is right and the decision you’ll feel happiest with long term.

Be accountable for your time

If there’s something you’re working towards or trying to achieve and feel like you aren’t getting anywhere consider where you are spending your time are you prioritising the things you are considering as important or putting them off because the feel like an effort to do? Be honest with yourself about how much time you are spending procrastinating, scrolling through instagram or completing small tasks that aren’t taking you towards your big goal. If it helps keep a journal of how you are spending your time, sometimes you might not realise how much time you are wasting and how that will affect your productivity. Not only does the time away from the task make you unproductive but also the time it then takes your mind to come back to focus on what you were doing.

Be accountable for YOU

Consider your actions, your interactions and your thoughts. Do they align? If you’ve been lazy, own up to it. Accept it, consider that if you continue that way then you probably won’t achieve the things you set out to. You can’t expect things in your life to change if you don’t make a change.

Concentrate on you

Do what’s right for you, not what other people are doing because that doesn’t mean it’s the right thing for you. Doing this will only make you feel lost and overwhelmed, stay true to the things that genuinely matter and are important to you. Doing this will lead you in the right direction and journaling can help to stick on this path. Question your thought processes to ensure you are doing things for you. Don’t compete with others, compete with yourself. Have a date every month, quarter, year, whatever works for you, where you assess your progress. Have you improved from the last assessment? If not, what could be the reason? If you did, great! How can you ensure that you keep progressing and don’t become stagnant?

do it for you.


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