4 Freshers week outfits

White Frill Mini Dress

White Frill Mini Dress






Fresher’s Week is quickly approaching and aside from stressing I haven’t packed everything I need to live I’ve been wondering what I’ll wear to the fresher’s week evening events. Being in England I have no idea what the weather will be doing, after spending time in Portugal I’m still expecting some warm weather however, I might be being a little too optimistic for late September in the UK… At least, I hope, layers of clothing won’t be required just yet! Here are a few outfit ideas for the changing season. I tend to wear plain black or white clothes most often, they easily match numerous accessories and are suitable for most seasons. Black off shoulder midi dress Femme Luxe
















With so much going on it’s difficult to know what to expect, so outfits that are easy to put together and match well with accessories will definitely help. A black dress is an essential addition to every girls wardrobe and is perfect for unexpected evening events. This dress is perfect for slightly more formal events or evening meals but the bardot style makes it more playful.
Red Trouser Two Piece Femme Luxe

















Red is the most recent colour addition to my wardrobe, in the last few months I’ve been drawn to red clothes and accessories. Previously I would never have dared to wear red but now I love the colour and can’t wait to introduce more pieces into my wardrobe.



























*This post is in collaboration with Femme Luxe.



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