30-day Health & Wellbeing Challenge

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We all know we should look after our body and mind and most of us know how to but most often other things crop up and our wellbeing is pushed down the priority list. This 30-day ‘challenge’ is filled with small healthy habits that take up less than 20 minutes of your day. They can easily be fit in around a busy day and some replace existing habits to possibly healthier ones. The aim is to make you more aware of looking after yourself everyday. So often we know what we should do and at the end of the day might realise we haven’t and think ‘there’s always tomorrow’, which rarely comes around.

Small changes lead to bigger change and consistency helps to form good habits. Being aware of your habits can help you recognise whether they are helping you improve and to reach the goals you’re aiming for or whether they are holding you back and keeping you in the place you want to progress from.

Find the post here (on instagram) and re-post, join in, follow along and share your daily achievements!

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