3 Ways to Switch Up Your Look


When you’ve had the same look forever, it’s easy to get bored. Sure you look okay but you can’t help but feel that there’s something missing – that little extra that sets you apart from the crowd.

Whether you are feeling wild enough to go the whole hog and get a tattoo or you want to start a bit smaller with a new hairdo, here are a few ideas you might like to consider.

Rotate Your Makeup

Makeup is quite possibly the greatest tool for changing up your looks. Adding a bright red lipstick or a flick of eyeliner can make a significant difference to your overall appearance and give your outfit a new vibe. And if you’re not sure, a splash of micellar water is all you need to change your mind!

Fashion in makeup is as varied as it is in clothing and changes just as fast. What is great about this is that there are always new ideas and trends you have to try at home with what you already own. Whether you fancy bright colours and glitter or a dewy ‘no makeup’ look, there are all kinds of looks you can achieve with just a few key bits.

Change Your Hair

For some women, having the same haircut between the ages of 7 and 97 is perfect for them. This is great if you are that kind of personality but most of us want to switch things up now and again and choosing a new hair cut is the perfect opportunity – at worst, you will just have to wait for it to grow back!

Playing with different hair colours is also a fun way to mix things up and it’s easier to change colours than you might imagine. Using a temporary colour before you dye permanently is another great way to change up your look without committing yourself too much.  

Get a Piercing

If dying your hair turns out to be a gateway to bolder moves then piercings are for you. But we aren’t talking about earlobes here – anything from helix piercings (the cartilage) to dermal piercings which can be anywhere on your body.

It has to be said that getting new piercings can be quite addictive because of the wide range of options and all the different designs you can go for. You can quickly go from a full on heavy metal look to a hipster vibe within a few quick changes.

Celebrities are the real masters of piercings because they know how to use them and work them with different looks. Just because you have multiple piercings doesn’t mean you have to wear them all all the time. Once your piercing has healed up properly, you are free to experiment with different looks.

You don’t have to be wild to switch up your look but the more options you have, the easier it will be to dress to impress. And when trying something new is so easy, you’ll never look the same twice!

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